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computer-logistics-servicesAs part of a range of services offered by the Turbo Worx group, we can transport your high-tech goods between South Africa, Zimbabwe and London. We deal mostly with telecommunication and computer equipment. We offer expertise in equipment carne and arrange for appropriate insurance & customs clearance. Our Logistics teams are permanently located in Johannesburg, Harare and London. With an experienced team operating across the Zimbabwe/South Africa borders daily, we offer expert advice on freight and customs clearance of high-tech goods. Our services go beyond Africa as we can identify products offshore, particularly in London, organize freighting and offer the most advanced logistics services with accurate tracking on the hour, every hour. We specialise in high-tech logistics for ICT and telecommunication equipment. Transporting and tracking your valuable ICT assets.


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Custom-ClearanceTurbo Worx SA operates a daily logistics service for the transportation of high tech goods between London, Jo’burg and Harare. Let us transport your telecommunication computer equipment & related valuables for you. Book your service here.