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We offer Broadcast Consultancy Services in the following areas:

project-lifecycleProject Management & Consultancy
Systems Integration
Television Studio Systems Design
Radio Studio Systems Design
Project Implementation

We design systems, implement and build radio and television studios for commercial broadcasters, community radio & TV stations and other public entities. We do a cost-benefit analysis and spec your studios according to your budget.


Consultancy Services in Digital Boadcast Migration

large_ReadyToGoDigitalAfrica will be migrating its radio and television services from analog to digital. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has set the deadline date of 17 June 2015 for Region 1 analogue switch off (ASO). The Broadcast Solutions team offers DTT consultancy services across Africa. With our expert analysis of developments across the region we can develop specific solutions to assist broadcasters with their digital migration plans. We specialise in Systems Analysis and the management of the co-existence of digital and analog systems to take your organisation through the difficult challenges presented by the dual illumination period. We offer a complete suite of Project Management services from Project Conceptualisation Phase to Implementation.



(spec’d to suit your pocket)


This is how we propose to build your TV Station from a community based, public service broadcaster and commercial services. You can ingest the content with Dayang Ingest product. After that, you can catalog your content and video elements with eVIAS. eVIAS also supports archiving, transcode and search, etc. We have a powerful non-linear editor for HD/SD. iChannel2 is one box solution for the automation. It includes ingest function, playout and simple CG function. D3-CG Live provides a powerful character generator solution.

Studio Recorder can record the live program. Dauric is our On-air Graphic Solution. It is the advanced character generator for the Studio. Meanwhile, we supply and offer after service support for hardware MultiViewer – named Fresco. Fresco has series of type, Fresco-E, Fresco-S and Fresco-IP. We also supply and offer after sales support of video cards, ie. We call this Red Bridge III card. We equip Red Bridge III cards in our product, such as ichannel2, non-linear editor and eVIAS and so on.

All of these products, are offered as a turnkey solutions for our customers on the African continent.

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